Cloud Migration

Utilize our Cloud Migration services to efficiently and seamlessly migrate your workloads.

Our Cloud Migration Approach

Businesses may shift their workloads to the cloud with the certainty that doing so will result in better performance, lower costs, and more scalability.

Cloud Assessment

We provide a thorough evaluation of your current cloud infrastructure, including a security posture analysis, cybersecurity vulnerability checks, and a reliability check to identify any potential traps or constraints. Based on your business outcomes, 2Cloud know-how can create the business case for migration and predict your application running expenses.


Building your baseline environment, ensuring operational preparedness, and honing your cloud abilities will be our main priorities. We will gather application portfolio data and rationalise applications utilising one of the popular migration methodologies in order to create a successful migration strategy.

Migrate & Modernize

Lift & Shift migration assistance, re-platforming for an upgrade or containerization, and refactoring techniques for modernising your apps are all services we offer. You may also construct CI/CD pipelines for your apps and infrastructure using our DevOps methods.

Monitor and Optimize Cloud Architecture

By Conducting monthly cloud wellness audits, cost optimization analyses, and providing you with a roadmap that meets your growth and financial needs, we optimise your cloud architecture and cloud spending.

Why Choose 2Cloud for Cloud Migration?

There is no one-size-fits-all method for cloud migration because it is a finished process. Our cloud migration services involve assessing business-specific use cases and assisting enterprises with the migration of their sophisticated and mission-critical data and apps to the cloud using tried-and-true approaches.

We provide cloud migration consulting to assist businesses in making the best choices possible throughout the entire digital transformation process. This includes conducting cloud readiness assessments and creating fail-safe migration strategies, roadmaps, and workflow models to guarantee that migration occurs without causing any disruptions.

Cloud Partnerships

We have partnerships with the top cloud service providers worldwide. AWS DevOps Services Competency Partner, Microsoft Azure Partner and Google Cloud Partner.


We are certified cloud experts to migrate and modernize your IT infrastructure. We ensure the ability to innovate faster, improve performance, reduce costs and more.

Partnership with Leading Platforms

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