Cloud Management

We help businesses establish a robust Cloud foundation and reduce heavy workflows to eliminate unnecessary resource consumption.

Cloud Strategy Assessment

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Architecture and Deployment
  • Cost Optimization Assessment
  • Platform Optimization Assessment

Maintenance Services

  • 24×7 Cloud Monitoring
  • Monitoring, Patching, and Updating
  • Storage and Backup Services
  • Managed Hybrid Network Services

Cloud Integration

  • Tools Integration and Consolidations
  • Cloud to Cloud Integration
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration

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Why Choose 2Cloud for Cloud Management?

Cloud Partnerships

We have partnerships with the top cloud service providers worldwide. AWS Partner, Microsoft Azure Partner and Google Cloud Partner.


24x7 Managed support with reduced resolution time

Cost Optimisation

Significant knowledge in Cloud Cost Management and Optimisation services


Proactive maintenance, competent with delicacy and security

Partnership with Leading Platforms

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