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We provide complete backup solutions and disaster recovery consulting services to ensure that things operate promptly and smoothly. We protect organisations against data loss by doing frequent backups.

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Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions for Businesses

Our cloud data backups assist you in minimising data loss after a disaster. Data backup can be performed on a regular or continuous basis. Data is backed up to a cloud storage platform and is recoverable in the case of a disaster. What data is backed up and how frequently it should be backed up depends on the business, but you should assess how much relevant data you would need to continue operating after a disaster while your main premises were restored.

For mission-critical systems, we provide a fully integrated data backup and protection technology. These solutions enable the recovery of granular data from many points in time, as well as the use of local or cloud virtualisation, to ensure that systems may be restored to a pre-disaster condition in minutes, even in the case of a server failure or disaster.

AWS Disaster Recovery Methods For Multi Region

Configure AWS disaster recovery for both your on-premises infrastructure and workloads deployed in the Amazon cloud

Backup and Restore

This method is a simple and straightforward way to backup and restore data as needed; Backup your system and restore them from backup in the event of a disaster.

Pilot Light

This method keeps critical applications and data at-the-ready so that they can be quickly retrieved if needed.

Warm Standby

This method always keeps a duplicate version of your business’ core elements running on standby, which makes for a little downtime and an almost seamless transition

Multi-Site Solution

This method fully replicates the data and applications between two or more active locations and splits your traffic between them. Interruptions simply trigger traffic to be rerouted to the unaffected area, resulting in almost zero downtime.

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Why Choose 2Cloud for Cloud Backup and Recovery?

We provide Cloud Backup and Recovery services to ensure your organization's day-to-day operations remain unaffected in the event of an IT catastrophe.

Your business data may be your most important and irreplaceable asset. Downtime spells disaster. If your IT systems fail, we have the expertise to get your business back up and running.

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